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Have to do with Southern Italian Sea Salt? Before you buy our salt, I encourage you to read this whole blog. You’ll be glad you did.
A healthy lifestyle is more than just exercising and eating right, especially the eating right part. Most of us have been conditioned to think that eating veggies and the correct number of calories and organic this or that, grass-fed beef, range-free chickens, wild caught fish, acorn-fed pork, and what have you, we’ll be a model of good health. Wrong!! It’s better to eat that kind of food than any other but, unfortunately, often Fed and State regs require that preservatives be added to the food product in order to keep it from spoiling. Therein lies the problem. Ever go home from a night out bloated and belching the food you ate 6 hours before? Yep, you guessed it. The meal is still whole in your stomach and your body is pleading for help. The culprit? Preservatives!
People talk about organic this or that but seldom address the most important factor of all in their food intake: enzymes and the role they play in a healthy body. These little creatures love us; they work really hard to keep our immune system energized, and our digestive system supercharged to help the body extract the nutrients it needs from the food we eat. Harm those little critters by feeding them food poisoned with preservatives and they stop working for you. When they’re dead or impotent, the result is catastrophic to your body. When they stop doing their job, the immune system weakens and that results in sickness, disease, heart trouble, constipation, loss of energy, obesity, etc., etc… To add insult to injury, you’ll be a lot poorer the rest of your life.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution to healthy living and it’s not drugs. Eliminate Preservatives from your diet instead. That’s all there is to it. Given a little time, you’ll love your new life. Here’s how our family did it.
About 35 years ago we decided to improve our digestive system by avoiding the consumption of foods that used anything other than additive-free salt and extra virgin olive oil. As a reward, our family of 6 has been reasonably healthy ever since. We credit our good health to a well advanced digestive system colonized by a multitude of beneficial bacteria. Preservatives are mortal enemies of beneficial bacteria and those of us that refute that well known fact, reap the results that are both damaging and numerous. We have been fortunate to make that decision early in our lives and today we enjoy the benefits of our decision. I’m over 70 and take zero drugs. My wife is nearly my age and she has managed to stay healthy as well without drugs. And, yes, our genes are fraught with bad traits from our parents, such as cancer, heart disease, and the like. Our boys, now grown men, with the exception of broken bones, swallowed pennies, and such, probably costs us less than $5K, in medical emergencies, from birth to the time they left home. That’s $5K for all 4. Pretty darn exceptional, wouldn’t you say?
Preservatives are almost in every food you eat including salt. Since salt is one of the most common flavoring agents used, any chemical added to it to enhance its performance means that when we’re ingesting something that we shouldn’t more often and more of it than we should, there is a price to pay.
After doing a lot of research trying to locate pristine spices and a pure salt—one as nature made it—for our own use at a reasonable price, 5 years ago we came across Southern Italian Sea Salt, and the rest is history. Considering its pristine quality and usefulness we thought of making it available to others. So we made arrangements to bring it to other folks for their enjoyment as well.
We’re pleased to bring this healthy and delicious tasting salt to your doorstep at very reasonable prices.
The salt comes in 2 types, coarse or fine. It’s packaged in “1”Kg (35.2 oz) individual packages and is sold by the case only. Price is the same for fine or coarse.
We will do our best to mix the case in any configuration you would like following your instructions during your PayPal purchasing transaction, (i.e. 3 coarse packs and 3 fine packs, 5 fine packs and 1 coarse pack, etc., etc…). Otherwise all cases will be shipped with fine salt packages.
Three ways to order this additive-free, natural sea salt
Small case (13.2 lbs)with 6 packs $29.70 plus $10.80 Shipping
Medium case (17.6 lbs) with 8 packs $37.62.00 plus $10.80 Shipping
Large case (26.4 lbs) with 12 packs $53.46.68 plus $14.65 Shipping
Southern Italian Sea Salt has been the salt of choice in our household since we discovered its real value years ago. We find it to be milder, slightly less salty and much healthier than other salts. Consequently, this is the only salt of choice in our home.
We use it for pickling, salads, spaghetti, sauces, pastry, curing meats, in making sausage, et al. You name a food that needs salt and our family uses our sea salt. Besides, Southern Italian Sea Salt is so gentle and pure that our family has used it for years as a home remedy to make saline solutions for sinus irrigations. We have found that adding ¾ tsp of our Southern Italian Sea Salt to 1 cup of boiling water and filtering it through a fine coffee filter produces an effective saline solution for irrigating nostrils and as eyewash. It’s reduced our eye irritations, nasal and sinus congestions, upper chest irritations, and best of all, it’s reduced the severity of allergic reactions to dust, pollen, poet hair, etc., etc…
What makes this salt unique is that it’s free of any additives. Just sea salt period. This Southern Italian Sea Salt is the natural process of time, sun and wind. After those three work their magic by evaporating the moisture from the pools of crystal clear sea water all that is left is pure sea salt. It comes from the ancient Salt Flats of Sicily where crystal clear water combines with wind and sun to create a unique salt very rich in all the trace elements found in sea water, such as magnesium, potassium and iodine, making it more soluble, complete, and nutritious.
We will ship this salt only within the United States served by the United States Postal Flat Rate Priority Service.
Orders are filled within 24 hours after they are received, and are delivered to your door, no signature required, within 2 to 4 business days as guaranteed by the US Postal Service.
This is a food item and we cannot accept returns. ½ oz each of the coarse and fine salt Samples are available upon your request via email by you making a comment on this blog.
Since I’m neither a doctor nor a specialist trained in medical issues, I don’t recommend that you use our salt for nasal irrigation as we did, but I think it’s worthwhile knowing that our family has found that the purity of this salt makes it a great source of relief year round and especially during allergy seasons.

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