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Calabrese (Calabrian) Home Made Pasta Recipe

There is something special about Mediterranean home made pasta.  In the Southern  Italian peninsula, from Rome south,  gourmet eating is a daily occurrence. Whether Spaghetti, Linguine, La Sagna, Macaroni, or whatever your favorite cut of pasta may be, Home Made Pasta from Calabria is one of those special irresistible treats.

When Mamma prepared home made pasta, it was a meal you didn’t want to miss.  Whether with Marinara Sauce, Ragu’, Aglio e Olio, béchamel, butter, or whatever your favorite sauce may have been, home made pasta was always a treat.  Below is our family recipe from the CasaCalabria archives for your enjoyment.

In our family, for the past 40 + years we’ve kept the tradition of making most of our own food right at home.  It’s not that it’s cheaper, but because it’s healthier, and definitely tastier.  My wife has low sugar tolerance and the propensity to Diabetes, however, Home made pasta using this method has a much lower glycemic load,  approx 30% protein content, and less stress on the pancreas.

We make Home made pasta every 30 days or so.  We make several cuts such as spaghetti, linguine, capellini, Maltagliate, and/or fettuccine.  We set aside enough for that day’s use and dry the rest on the table cloth over the dining room table for an hour or two.  We then measure it into portions and store in Styrofoam containers; cover the pasta package with a plastic bag and store in the freezer.  We also make large quantities of our favorite sauces that we freeze in plastic containers.  This method allows us to prepare dinner for 8 in 15 min.

A good red wine such as Nero D’Avola from Sicily compliments your red-sauce pastas excellently.

The Recipe:

For Mechanical devices or hand kneading only (Not for automatic pasta machines):

18 oz High quality Durum Wheat Semolina at room temp

4 Fresh Jumbo eggs (2.5 oz ea) or 5 Xlarge eggs (2 oz ea)

1 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

1 oz of water

4 oz cornmeal

2 oz of semolina

Sauce:  My favorite is Marinara but your can use your favorite sauce.

The Process:

Pour all ingredients (except the cornmeal and 2 oz of semolina) together in a Mixer (such as Kitchen Aid) and knead until firm dough has formed.  The test to determine correct firmness is:  dough must not stick to your hands.

Place dough in a plastic bag and allow to rest at room temp for about 2 to 4 hours.  Using your hand-cranked pasta machine extrude it into the shapes you have available in the machine.  Use the extra semolina to keep dough firm.

Place the cornmeal in large container.  As soon as dough is extruded, place in the container with the cornmeal and toss several times, or lift with your fingers several times to prevent extruded cuts from sticking together.  Place on tablecloth

One of my favorite cuts is Maltagliate.  These are diamond shaped cuts that for some reason take a lot of sauce and are the tastiest.  To make this cut, simply place your extended dough on a cutting board and make several cuts lengthwise with a curlicue cutting roller.  Then cut diagonally to shape into diamonds about 1″ by 1″(or any size).


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